Unconventional Steps to Hiring

Hire Top Talent Consistently 
Build A Top Performing Team

You are looking for TOP talent, right?

These days, you need to IMPRESS TOP Talent.

You need a  Job Invitation NOT a Job Description.

You will want referrals from  TOP employees. They LOVE to share their work and what they love about it.

Using social media will get you out to the TOP employees of your competitors instead of only posting to the very few who constantly prowl job boards, unhappy in their current roles.

TOP candidates are NOT prowling job boards.

They hear about great opportunities through word of mouth, previous employers who refer them, social media and can even be through referrals from your own network.

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Years of working with Hiring Managers demanding the best of the pool, this list helped me RACE to the finish line to attract top talent.

Want to know HOW successful

companies KEEP the top talent they

acquire and how their team helps

successful leaders reach career-changing


It’s not ONLY compensation!

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