The Career Seekers Road Map

The Career Seekers Guide to Finding the RIGHT Role Using Today’s Technology, Mapping Out Your Career Path, Relationship Building with the RIGHT People, Proving you are the RIGHT fit and Getting the OFFER.

Current Opportunities

Here are the FACTS:

We think if we “keep our eyes open”, we will hear of something GREAT and be one of the FIRST to compete for the opportunity… but you are likely not on the hiring manager’s short list of top performers if they didn’t call you at 7:30 PM on a Tuesday and ask if you had a few minutes to discuss an amazing opportunity…

In the right economy, applying to job boards works some of the time, but not now. Anything that mattered pre-Covid is not as important as it is now in this new world of DIGITAL everything.

Each decision we make is a ‘make or break’ in the coming months to years when it comes to our career goals.

Choosing the Right Recruiter

“Finding opportunities on your own is where we are headed as more and more people use the power of technology and social media in today’s professional world.” -C.Murray

Here’s The Problem:

Job Seekers think they have tried EVERYTHING.

But they haven’t.

They get up in the morning and PREPARE to spend 8 hours every day looking for work.

Networking and applying to open positions on Job Boards (which are posted mainly to fill a talent pool, trust me, I know. I used to do this myself).

And hitting that ‘Quick Apply’ button… Time and time again.

Job Seekers worry about their resume, but it’s not that…

It’s because YOUR RESUME is right next to everyone else’s who have applied to the SAME JOB as you.

And that’s a HECK of a lot of people right now. 

You need to LEARN how to control your OWN career path and NOT rely on Job Boards to do the heavy lifting for you. Because they simply DON’T.

But there is a way THROUGH as businesses need help getting over this hurdle NOW more than ever.

You CAN be their solution, but ONLY if you can prove YOU are the right fit.

That YOU can weather the storm.

Being successful NOW, will set you apart from others for the rest of your career.

How do I know?

Because I talk to decision makers every day. People just like you.

And they are in a position to hire the BEST to turn around their failing company…

And they WILL. With or without you.

Every week that you waste time job seeking the OLD way pulls money out of your pocket.

While the bills stack up, vacation dreams are pushed back until next year and finances become your worst nightmare…

Other people are getting jobs. Frustrating to say the least…

But it’s not YOUR FAULT. No one told you how to set up a 24/7/365 autopilot system that I call ‘Cruise Control’.

Once you have ‘Cruise Control’ set up, you respond to posts, engage on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social sites where your hiring managers reside.

You build great relationships with people who make the hiring decisions, then WOW them with your PROOF.

When you drive your own career aspirations, you have the ability to steer clear of companies that aren’t a great fit for your long term goals.

Proactively researching companies will get you in with an employer and company that will give you the experience you need to elevate your career, how and when you need it.

With each win, you feel further motivated and inspired to find the RIGHT job, not just ANY job as you connect with hundreds of potential hiring managers and set the ground-work for current and future career opportunities.

So prepare to set your sights high, be challenged in the process and rewarded with the outcome.

Massive Strategy to Beat Out Other Candidates with Potential Employers

Headhunters MUST hunt. Or they don’t EAT.

This is why you should listen to headhunters right now.

Much like the difference between WAR-TIME and PEACE-TIME leadership,

there is a HUGE difference between career coaches and headhunters in times like these…

The ROAD MAP METHOD will get you through this TIME of WAR.

Since the Great Recession of 2007, I have personally assisted hundreds of displaced workers with resume writing and review, LinkedIn profile building, cover letter creation and NETWORKING.

With roots in training, I took my recruiting skills and lent them to various community action programs and local unemployment offices assisting laid off individuals find and secure meaningful employment.

Combining Digital Marketing and over a decade in Recruitment and Headhunting, I have built a program that uses the power of technology to fuel a careerseekers reach, while employing a method used by some of the savviest HEADHUNTERS in the industry to get you in front of decision makers and Prove Your Worth to them even BEFORE getting into the interview process.

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