Let Us Connect You With The Right Talent To Drive Your Career To The
Finish Line.

Isn’t it time you made the best decision of your career? If you are a leader with a HUGE vision, you are going to need the best talent to pull it off. You need to SHOW investors they made the right choice in having you lead the charge. Who doesn’t want a team that makes them look GOOD?

Why Post Your Job To A Job Board And Let The Fates Decide?
CLM Careers connects you with driven, top performers and supports your decision making process with FACTS, not just HYPE or HR THEORY. When you are in a crunch, need a project completed ON TIME to make those goals a reality, we’ve got your back. We’re your secret weapon for hiring the best before your competitors do (or even enticing your competitors talent over to your team). And we aren’t ashamed to do it because we know HOW to make you a Best In Class Employer that even the most comfortable top performers will envy and will take the plunge to dive into your talent pool.

You Deserve More From Your Recruitment Partner.
Here’s the deal: We wish we could just slap some prices for top talent and onboarding support on our page and watch the frenzy from afar to spread across the nation, but finding top talent AND making a cost-effective choice specifically for YOUR needs are just part of the story… and not even the most important part.

There are so many ways we can support your recruitment needs and help you find the right fit for that gaping HOLE in your organization, that the internet may explode. We offer packages from a simple Market Map of your preferred talent with your unique qualifications living in your area (including your competitor’s talent), to full support in recruitment.

We also offer Employer Value Marketing, Sourcing, Screening, Talent Selection, Talent On- Boarding, and beyond. Additionally, we support your team and new hire with Emotional Intelligence Training, included in our Premium ‘One Year Guarantee’ package.
In short, we are your full-service, full-cycle recruitment solution.

We pair exceptional talent with amazing companies and help senior-level staff and in house Human Resources identify, target, and acquire talent as well as opportunities using the power of technology and proven headhunter tactics.