Choose the RIGHT Recruiter 
For Your Company

Staffing Agency Models are DEAD

    Protect yourself from SHADY Recruiters

Traditionally, choosing an outside recruiter has been a no-brainer for hiring managers looking to contract with a contingency recruiter when they need to add a new member to their team.

You choose a few who have been reaching out to you for the last few months, email them your position description, sign their contract and trust it’s in good hands!

Having multiple recruiters working on the same role SOUNDS like a good idea…

Unfortunately, those same recruiters take your position description, redact your company name and any other identifiers, then repost the job thinking:
“Whew! I’ve done what I can do for today! On to the next job!”

To most recruiters, you’re just a number. A metric they need to meet.

In an agency model, recruiters need to make X# of phone calls, speak to X# of decision-makers, obtain X# of contracts.

Guess how many placements they need to make per MONTH to meet their goals?

1. One placement. And it’s most likely not yours. And if the search is just too challenging, or they aren’t finding the right candidates through a job board, you

never hear from them again. They move on to the next client to present their top candidates.

That’s why recruiters always seem to represent the candidate rather than the client, even though you are paying the bill. Shocking but true.

The next time you get on the phone with a recruiter, before offering your open position requirements and signing a contract, ask them these questions.

I guarantee you will stump them and they will have to refer to management.

Choosing the RIGHT Recruiter

For Your Company


Your key to success, be it C-Suite, or to a greater shareholder value, is in taking a look under the hood of your recruitment services.

It’s called Recruitment Consulting. Because Staffing Agencies Models are DEAD.

Just like your industry consistently changes with the times, so must Recruitment.

Your recruiter, your INVESTMENT, has a direct impact on the quality of candidate you hire, and with the current competitive market, you need someone who knows how to efficiently fill your role with a top performer, and not waste months screening job board applicants.

Maybe you think: “Well, they will get paid when they get me the hire.”

TRUE, but how LONG do you want to WAIT?

These questions will help you identify the WRONG Recruiter so you can choose to work with the RIGHT Recruiter.